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Wizard Magazine
Dru´dism ...some facts...
A Miserable Failure
Last week we (The Europeans ) went to vote, here are the results
End child abuse
Iraqis vs. the empire
"The Worst of the Worst !"
Female Genital Cutting
Industrial hemp isn't an evil weed
Newly discovered galaxy
Open Letter to the Democratic Party - by Ralph Nader
Every Woman a Goddess
Rassismus in den Niederlanden
Faits Divers
Party Guide
Trips In Cyberland



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Wizard magazine is an initiative for and from the people... Everyone who's got something to tell to the world got to be able to do it here!!!
Wizard magazine is een initiatief  van en voor de mensen... Iedereen die iets aan de wereld te vertellen heeft, kan dat hier doen!!!
Wizard magazine est un initiatif pour le peuple... Tout le monde qui veut dire quelque chose au monde a la possibilitÚ pour faire ša ici!!!

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